Can I file a worker’s comp claim if I get COVID-19 at work?

“I’m currently employed at a small family owned market and we don’t have much staff, there’s maybe 10 of us. Anyways we’re all very worried about catching the virus because we are exposing ourselves so much more while at work. If we end up catching it from work, can we file for workmans comp?”

Can an employer fire me because I’m taking care of my kids out of school due to the coronavirus?

“Hi! I have 2 children, both elementary aged, and will not have childcare once “spring break” ends beginning of April. I’ve talked to my boss to try and avoid any last minute scheduling conflicts since schools are still going to be closed because of COVID. Well he told me he has to “let me go” […]

Can employees take disability leave due to stress caused by the COVID19 epidemic?

“Hello, I have staff that are requesting to take disability leave due to stress caused by the COVID19 epidemic. As a business owner, how do I proceed? Thank you!”

How many hours of sick time will I get with the Coronavirus bill?

The Family’s First Coronavirus Response Act starts April 1, 2020, and will offer up to 80 hours of paid sick-time to eligible employees affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and up to 10 weeks of family leave for qualifying employees at 2/3 your regular rate of pay.